Happy Halloween!

Trying not to laugh!

Last night we had a small Halloween gettogether at our house. As promised, I dressed up as Balinese Girl by Tretchikoff… I think I was a lot greener looking in real life. Aidan dressed up as a giant fish (!); a couple of friends were zombies, one was a CSI investigator; her boyfriend a dead Mexican and another friend was a strange hybrid Japanese vampire with an old man’s cap and reindeer antlers. We actually ventured down to the pub dressed up which caused quite a lot of amusement!

In addition to Halloween hijinks – fueled, no doubt, by large amounts of homemade mulled wine – we also initiated two of our friends into the art of pumpkin carving. Neither of them had done this before; apparently, it’s just Aidan and I who do this every year! These were our efforts:

My 'sad and worried' one...



Aidan’s very traditional looking pumpkin to the left; Dan’s first ever attempt on the right turned into a ‘sex pumpkin’. He tried to say it was shocked but we all knew that was a lie!

I don’t think we even took a picture of James’s first ever pumpkin… It looked like it had been mutilated. Seriously. And not in a good way. Sorry James.

We ‘Halloweened’ up the house somewhat. Aidan made lots of skeleton, pumpkin and ghost paper dolls which looked brilliant. He also made a scary man peering into our back door. I got the idea to fill up old bottles with gruesome artefacts and stick labels on them from here. Looked pretty good:

The mantel piece display

Our friend Rachel made some delicious cookies shaped as spooky objects:

Skeleton Cookies

And here’s a lovely photo of Aidan as a fish. The costume was inspired by ‘The Wicker Man‘: the original, not the frankly bloody awful Nicholas Cage remake!

More Fish Head with a Cape than a full on fish, really…

If you were in the Globe in Glossop last night and happened to see us, I hope we weren’t too frightening or irritating in the pub!

Happy Halloween everybody!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann Bowen says:

    Hi! I saw you in the Globe, I think! Nice to see other people of a hallowe’en persuasion are out there! Ann

    1. littleowlski says:

      Oh dear, I hope we weren’t too loud or annoying!!

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