Retro Rummaging…

While I was poorly over the weekend, my other half decided to go off on an Ebay hunt around the charity shops of Tameside.  On Saturday, he managed to get round Glossop (where we live), Hyde, Denton and Ashton.  With his eye as keen as ever, he managed to snaffle some retrolicious booty (he loves all this adjectival jargon that I come out with, I know he does); most of it was sooo good that I then got him to take some proper good pictures like – mainly because he’s a far better photographer than me.  He didn’t half rise to the challenge:

My present for the day!

Who wouldn’t want a vintage sixties suede cleaning cloth?

I wasn’t too sure about this little jug at first, but I love this picture Aidan’s taken – I like the way the jug has warped the background flowers.  Incidentally, the flowers are from a set of 70s wooden table mats we have.

I love, love, love these Meakin cups and saucers. They’re just a tad too small to be useful to us (as neither of us drinks espresso coffee) but they are just so unbelievably retro and cute. I’m secretly hoping these don’t sell on Ebay and I get to keep them!

Our new beautiful glasses aren’t actually from a charity shop… oh, the shock and horror of it! They are from Ikea; however, I think they look quite Whitefriarsish. Presumably, Aidan did as well when he bought them. They’re a bit of a bargain – £2 each, so go and grab them from Ikea now!

We’re off to the auction viewing in New Mill tomorrow night again. Fingers crossed for some more retro goodies!  I’m hoping for a certain vintage cake stand… all together now: “1950s Ridgway Homemaker Cake Stand… 1950s Ridgway Homemaker Cake Stand…”

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