A Little Bit About Little Owl Ski

I’m a thirty something year old woman, formerly a teacher and now staying at home looking after two small children.I like West German pottery, mid twentieth century design, music in a huge variety of forms, vintage clothing and knitting, baking cupcakes, cooking, reading, drinking red wine, trawling the internet, selling on Ebay and various other pursuits. I dream of the day I can pack it all in and live as a fully fledged writer-cum-retro-shop-owner. Who doesn’t?

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  1. Fro says:

    Yo Fro,
    Haven’t check out your blog for a while, saw the link via Facebook and thought I would give it a gander – particularly enjoyed your exploration around Blackpool – certainly made me think beyond the gut reaction. I think I remember the shopping centre stairs and the fortune teller. All well up here, just applying for jobs, lecturing lots (today’s was on C16-C17th ‘Vernacular culture’ which effectively ment linguistic variation in Britain, thought of you and linguistics)!… humpf. How are tricks, beyond the blog?

  2. Christian says:

    Hi, I just found your blog via the West German Pottery group on Facebook. I have a collection of W. German pots, a few can be seen on the website http://www.20thcentury-decorative-arts.co.uk if you go to ‘objects and art’ 2nd page and click on the photo of the two vases you can view part of the collection.
    I’m based in Mobberley nr Knutsford and deal in postwar design and retro pieces especially furniture, most of it not on the website.
    If you are ever in the area you are welcome to come and look around.
    Kind Regards, Christian

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Christian, thanks for you comment and glad my photos on Facebook are being looked at then! If we’re ever down that way, we will probably pop in. I doubt that I’m going to be able to drag my other half away from the television from the next couple of weekends, but when I can we’ll be sure to stop by. Emma 🙂

      1. Doug Johnson says:

        Dear littleowlski,

        I have been trying to find a 1955 Woman’s Own Magazine with an illustration inside that I can’t seem to attach. I’m not sure what month it is from but the artist is Joe Bowler.

        It is a nice illustration and if I could email it somewhere I think you would like it

        If you know anything about this item, please email me back as I would like to arrange to purchase a copy.

        Thanks for your help,


  3. Jeri Jones says:

    I have a Scheurich 284-19 potter vase and saw several similar ones in your post. Coule you tell me how to find the worth of it?? I am wanting to list it on my Etsy site. Thanks♥♥

  4. Lauren says:

    Me again! Do you have any Silberdistel for sale?

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi again, not at the moment but we’re always going to Germany on buying trips so we might have some in the future. If you look at my boyfriends Ebay page, you can see the pots we are selling at any one time. Search for penguinaidan on the sellers, or click the link in the sidebar to the right. Emma 🙂

      1. sonya ha says:

        Hello, just found the work of ben ostrick on your site with photograph of ben and marie and me! i am lisa.

        Very excited to see this work

  5. Rene says:

    Hello Emma,
    Thanks for your comment on the pictures. So you have been at the More Than Fat Lava exhibition too 😉
    Maybe later this year there will be another one, if I know more I will put it on

    Will read more here… Love a lot of pictures here!

    Kindest regards,

  6. nigel says:


    I have just come across this site while searching for information about two pieces of Tiay
    pottery we have, they are both donkeys pulling a cart very much like the ones shown here.
    The markings are 1/1/s and14708/3f both are signed Tiay.
    Would you be kind enough to point us in the right direction for valuations or even let us know if
    you would be interested in buying them yourself?
    There does not seem to be a lot of information available and we would be grateful of any help you would provide.
    we can be reached on xylo@fsmail.net
    Many thanks.

  7. Deserie says:


    I came across your website while surfing, and wondering if we can do some business… I have been searching for some WGP to add to my collection, but am searching for a particular Cartsens pattern. Can’t find this unique pattern anywhere. If I send you a photo, could you keep it in mind during your travels? Depending on your cost, you could make me very happy! :o). Deserie

    1. Phill & Kate says:

      Hello Deserie, I live and work in Germany and I pick up lots of Lava including Cartsens, could you maybe send me the photo as well

  8. Hi Emma, I’m currently researching a piece I’m writing about the Queen Elizabeth II 1953 coronation and recipes featured in magazines such as Woman’s Own. I wondered if you had copies from around this time that we could discuss for my research?
    Thanks, Laura

  9. Madeleine Reiss says:

    I love your site- you have a very good eye. I work for the charity Emmaus (we have 23 Communities across the UK) and you bought the mushroom light at one of our shops. It would be great if you would tweet about any of your finds at Emmaus- @EmmausUK- Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi, Emma – Since you seem to have a lot of vintage Women’s Own magazines, if I show you a painting that I have, could you tell me if it looks familiar to you?

    1. littleowlski says:

      Of course, I’m happy to help if I can!

      1. Hi, thanks for being willing to help! I actually never realized that you responded. I am trying to figure out where this image comes from:


        A “stock photo” website says it is from a British women’s magazine, but that is much as I’ve been able to figure out.

  11. crewedaddy says:

    Am researching a set of Dumler & Breiden vases I bought at a boot market in Nantwich last week and found you. Don’t seem to be able to escape and fear I’m going to be told off for slacking! I have a little ebay shop, Curio Gifts, and try and look out for anything retro or a bit unusual to put alongside the workaday stuff. I’ve not really thought about German pottery much before – first wife was half German and I had my fill of it between 79 and 2001 but if it’s got a developing market I’m more than happy to consider it. You are a total mine of info and I’ll be back!


  12. Seepferdchen says:

    That would be great, only I need your email to send directly. Deserie.

  13. Olivia R says:

    Hi Emma,
    I saw on a featured page of ‘obsessionistas’ that you collected 1950’s Women’s Magazines. I am from PBS and we are looking for a copy of the November 1957 issue of Redbook Magazine. I was wondering if you had a copy, and if so, if you might be willing to provide us with a scanned image of the cover (a picture of JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy)

    Thanks for your help

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Olivia, unfortunately I don’t have any of those magazines so I can’t be of any help to you. If I ever happen to come across it, I’ll try to remember! Thanks, Emma

  14. Lisa says:

    Hi, I’m doing research on Jon Whitcomb for a BIO Channel TV Show. Please e-mail me! I’d love to find out more about the information you have on him and would like to license the photos.


  15. Karen Platt says:

    Hi I’m writing a book and wondered if you would loan your images of Scheurich pots with ‘cavemen’ influence. Will give copyright credit and mention your blog. Regards Karen

  16. Caligator78 says:

    I just baought the boy with horse painting by Faust from an estate sale, unable to find much about the painter.. Could you please email me some more details on where did you get it from, also any additional background on the painting you might have. Thanks

  17. Paul says:

    Hi, found your enchanting site, Thank you for charing!

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