Christmas (Retro) Gifts Continued…

A small selection of the retro presents!

Christmas Day was fantastic this year. Very quiet – just the two of us – consisting of present opening, Monopoly, a trip to the pub and X Files…

We quickly realised that basically we could have either swapped presents or just kept the ones we gave each other; we would both have been happy with them all!

More presents!

This was my very first present of the day: a box of Dorset Cereals muesli and three of these:

Ridgway Homemaker Bowls

This has started off the collection for me; there’ll be no stopping me! I intend to collect a full dinner service along with a cake stand, possibly a clock…

Roth 106-20

This was another gift from Aidan to me. We weren’t sure if it was ES Keramik or Roth, but Stuart at Bygone Times confirmed it at Roth for us.

Dartington 'Nipple' Vases by Frank Thrower

These came wrapped with a cheeky tag saying something about ‘an X rated gift even though it wasn’t Valentine’s Day’. Needless to say, I was wondering what was inside!  The nipple vases were saucy enough for Christmas Day, I think…

A giant Italian donkey

Another fantastic (to me!) Italian donkey to add to the collection. He is also now sitting inside the Kartell stacking system we received from Aidan’s dad. I’m still convinced these are going to become the collectables of the future, though Aidan is far from sure about this. Definitely not a fan!

Scheurich 416-26

This is one of my presents to Aidan. I actually bought it thinking it matched a smaller Bay vase he got me the year before. It was badly listed on Ebay, meaning I got it for a bargain price. The vase is lovely; however, it’s not a Bay one nor is it the same as the little one! Never mind, pleased with it anyway.

Tiny Scheurich 405-13,5 in front, Back Left: New Scheurich 517-30 from Bygone Times

Right at the front, you can see the titchy Scheurich pot I also gave Aidan. It has a sticker on it saying ‘Europlinie’. Underneath it’s marked 405-13,5 – I don’t think I’ve actually seen a comma on the bottom before!  I love this trio of pots at the moment though; they look great against our very bold wallpaper.

We had a very happy Christmas Day admiring our new items, and they’ve definitely settled in well amongst our other retro homewares.

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