Newark International Antiques & Collector’s Fair


Bit of a bumper Friday Find for this entry!

On Friday 9th April, Aidan and I trundled on over to Newark in Tina (the Ford KA).  This was before the excitement of Little Owl Ski at the Car Boot Sale took over – and subsequently the blogging has been put back by the usual back-to-school-therefore-I-have-no-life malarkey.

The fair is held on a massive site – Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground – and holds a massive variety of stalls: mid century collectables, ‘proper’ antiques, clothes, glass, ceramics, wooden tat, modern tat, jewellery, scrap, odds and ends. You name it, it was probably there.  After much deliberation, we decided to go on the Friday as it was only a fiver to get in, compared to the Thursday when it’s £20.  Obviously, you run the risk of missing out on the best pieces by going on the second day; however, we found many dealers were willing to barter.

Almost immediately through the gates and I’d spotted three Ridgway Homemaker dinner plates for £20. Yet (and I later came to regret this decision) as we’d only just arrived, I decided to wait and see what else was there.  With promises to “think about it” we wandered on.

The fair is divided up into different sections, but we couldn’t discern any particular order to it, other than more fragile goods tended to be indoors.  As always, I had the camera with me to take photos of items that caught my interest and I realised that I could also use it to remember things I wanted to go back to:

Two Scheurich Pots
Tretchikoff Style Metal Head on Stand


Ceramic Heads

Those were going to be my Ebay Challenge buy but when we went back, they had gone.

1950s Fire Guard by Metalbox (?)

I’ve put a question mark as I’m not 100% sure that Metalbox was the name of the company the dealer told me. This fire guard actually matched a magazine rack I bought recently from a car boot sale. However, this was £12 and I didn’t really think it was worth it – bulky to post for Ebay and I don’t think I’d get that back at a car boot sale. Really liked it though.  There does seem to be a Metalbox company which makes some good-looking boxes.

Final thing I took a picture of is this West German pot. Unfortunately, I also got told off by the woman running the stall as “you might be taking a picture to come back and rob me later”.  Eh?  I obviously look like a hardened criminal.

Unknown German pot

I also got told off later on for cutting between a stall and the one next to it which was empty! 

All in all, it was a pretty good day. We both really enjoyed looking round all of the stalls. I actually didn’t get anything for our £10 Ebay Challenge; Aidan got some Wade Whimsies – naturally!  Here’s a group photo of all of the things we did buy.  Detailed blogs will appear when I get chance! 

Our finds!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. So nice vases, I wish I could find some more in Stockholm….quite difficult now.

  2. Stuart @ Bygone Times says:

    Hi Emma,

    Just for your information, Metal Box was (and maybe still is)a factory in James Street, Carlisle. They were originally Hudson Scott & Sons and latterly, Carnaud Metal Box PLC I think. They made biscuit boxes and such like for many years especially for Carrs Biscuits, also in Carlisle. I would be surprised if the screen was not made by them.

    Otherwise, you have some nice finds there.

    Take care, Stuart

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