Glossop’s Loss is Chorlton’s Gain…

The lovely couple at Wowie Zowie in Chorlton came round last evening to have a look at the pots, and ended up buying about half of them. So we have a little bit more room in the living room and the people of Chorlton can now get stuck into decorating their houses 70s style with a vengeance! 

The collection now

It looks like there’s lots gone now, to me, but that’s because I was used to looking at the huge amount we had before! I’m really pleased they bought so much – not just because it’s money for us (though obviously, that’s nice!), but because their shop is exactly the kind of thing I would like to have. I could literally buy everything in there; actually, we already have many of the same items that are for sale. Also, the couple who run it are lovely so it’s strangely comforting to know the pots are going to a good home that appreciate them.

I know they’re in the process of relaunching their website, but it’s worth keep checking for when the new one goes live:

Wowie Zowie


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