Retro Film: Made in Dagenham

I’ve not long got back from watching a free preview of ‘Made in Dagenham‘. I am most definitely not a film critic, so I’m not even going to attempt to review the film. Safest to say, I really enjoyed it; it filled me in on just how women came to have equal pay with men and – and here’s the most important bit – it was an absolute dream for a fan of decades gone by.

A protest goes slightly awry...

I love the outfits in this film. According to an interview with the original machinists in The Daily Mail (I don’t normally read it, but it was the only newspaper knocking around my in-laws’ house at the weekend – I felt the need to explain that!), the costumes were a little over the top for the factory workers. Still, I want Brenda’s dress, second from the right above.

Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike looked stunning throughout the film. I would quite like to look like her when I grow up, please! I was a bit disappointed that her character wasn’t more on board with the machinists’ cause. I think she could have showed a bit more support than what was shown.

Even better than the fantastic costumes was the attention detail for the sets. There were actually West German pots in the background of one of the stylish houses: two vases and a lamp.  One of the vases was recognisably a Scheurich; brown with white and black stripes.

Overall, very impressed with the film. Hopefully it will inspire some of the fashions to return to the high street again. I’m already on the look out for some 60s print dresses, brown cord mini skirt and tips on how to bouffant my hair…

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