Italian Donkeys are Expanding!

1950s, tourist, Italian tat… yes, they may be that to many people. And they are to me really. Yet, I still love them.

The collection in the bedroom

This one I bought from a charity shop in Holmfirth:

Then later that day received this one from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend as a Christmas present:

The back of this one demonstrates how they were aimed at British tourists:

That’s the tiniest one I have in the whole collection.

The whole collection

Unfortunately, I know very, very little about these so I can’t really tell you much (read: anything) about them. I’ve been given some information and links via the lovely folks at the Pottery and Glass forum. I’m sure I’ve shared these before, but once more for good measure can’t hurt:

Friday tomorrow! I’m excited. Well, I’m not really as I’ve got my Masters Assignment to complete over the weekend and I’ve not so much as looked at the tasks. Oh well, it’ll get done at some point. Might just go and take some more pictures of retro stuff to take my mind off it…

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