New Year 1940s Fashion with Marie France

Marie France - 3rd January 1949

It’s Friday! I’m a bit excited by the thought of a sleep in tomorrow… oh no, hang on that’ll have to be next week as I’ve got the dreaded Masters assignment to write tomorrow. Pictures of pretty, French, Forties’ fashion it is then to console myself:

This advert has popped up in a few of the Marie France magazines. I love the style of it. Not as much as I like these though:

This appears to be a regular feature: they incorporate the alphabet into the style idea they are demonstrating. In this example, I think it’s the collar and neckline.

I’d love a black dress and giant, turquoise cape coat like these! As I often say to Aidan, “Imagine me in this!” This phrase is usually uttered in conjunction with things like huge, owl costumes!

This one was from a knitting pattern for a jumper. I’m rubbish at knitting. I wish I wasn’t; I could try out all of these retro patterns from the magazines if I was halfway decent. I’d love a metallic jumper!

Is he robbing the house?

Is it me or does that man have a slightly feminine face that doesn’t match the rest of him? Very odd. He does look like he’s playing that piano like he’s apologising. Perhaps he wasn’t very good at it.

There you have it: this is what French women were wearing in January, 1949. Beautiful, stylish, chic. Which of these would you want to wear the most?


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  1. M. says:

    I love love love this! How did you get your hands on these beautiful magazines?!? I love the gold pencil skirt with the white boatneck top, trimmed with gold. Clothes today just don’t have the same drama. Sigh…

    xoxo. Mariah

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hello, I bought them from a car boot sale last year. I think I paid £10 for about twenty of them. I’ve also got about forty Woman’s Own magazines from the 1940s up to the late 1950s; once again bought at a car boot sale for about £10. They are amazing, I agree! I just wish I could either make or find these clothes. I’m going to (eventually) be posting all of the magazines up, so keep your eyes peeled! Emma x

      1. M. says:

        So lovely. Definitely a great find. I can’t wait to see more!!

        xoxo. M.

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