Charity Shop Rummaging

Yesterday, I still felt pretty rotten after the Thursday-IBS-Extravaganza. I’m trying to give it a more positive sounding name, but honestly on Thursday, I felt like some kind of monster was going to burst out of my abdomen Alien-style. I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t knock on to ask what all the noise was about. Sorry, Jim, that was the sound of your mentalist IBS-suffering neighbour groaning in agony.

Friday, I felt a bit better but still very much full of headache and feeling sick so decided to stay at home again. I hate being off work. I feel guilty and that makes my stomach even worse and so the cycle begins again. At least this time it was nearer to the weekend so I’ve got today and tomorrow to sort myself out properly.

Anyway, I went for a walk around Glossop yesterday before lunch time and I honestly think that did me as much good as anything else. I don’t know if it was the good weather that did it or not, but I actually found a few bits and bobs in the charity shops:

The finds
Vintage Tops £2.50 each and 60s 'Sphinx' brooch £1.95

I’m going to keep these two tops (plus another one but I’m wearing that now!) and the brooch. Vintage brooches are one of my favourite accessories, despite the ribbing I get about it from one of my work colleagues (you know who you are!). There are a couple of girls at school who occasionally wear brooches on the blazers and it breaks my heart to have to ask them to take them off.

Mills & Boon

Now, I haven’t gone mad and I haven’t completely turned into a little old lady… but just look at the covers for those books. The illustrations are great! Unfortunately, I can’t quite read the signature on the ‘Substitute Lover’ one. It looks like Lin something or other. I might ask Leif Peng over at Today’s Inspiration if he knows who drew these.

CaGi Leather Bag

I love all of the little compartments to this bag. My first thoughts were to sell it, but it might be good to keep in my bag to keep all of my junk in. I usually just throw my phone, makeup, keys and purse into the bottom of my bag for work, so perhaps this would be a good solution.

T.G. Green 'Kitchen Things' pot

That one will probably end up on Ebay as we’ve got more than enough pots knocking around our kitchen.

The two dresses you can see both appear to be from the ’80s, but masquerading as ’60s pieces. The dark blue one is handmade and has an almost digital feather print and a batwing top/tight skirt shape; the bright pink is a vintage Jaegar shift dress. Both are amazing: neither of them look any good on me! The blue one at least fits, but my ‘posterior’ as Aidan calls it doesn’t quite work with the dress… Just because J-Lo can work it, doesn’t mean I can, unfortunately.

Today is dedicated to work for my Masters then tomorrow we’re off to Stafford for the day to see my sister on her birthday.

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  1. lavalotti says:

    hope you feel better soon!

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thanks Lottie! I’m feeling a bit better today, hopefully it’ll ease off soon. Finding bargains seems to help for some reason 🙂

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