Nurses and Brides: Happy Birthday, Kirsty!

My lovely middle sister is 24 today. In honour of her, this is a post all about nurses and brides. She’s nearly finished training to be a nurse and she and her boyfriend got engaged over Christmas. So, what better excuse than to find pictures of Nurses and Brides from the Fifties?

Woman's Own, May 17th 1951

I’m loving the matching red nails and lips.

Beauty for the Bride

Apparently ‘nervousness can cause an unattractive pallor’. That was in the 1950s; nowadays it’s probably from the aftermath of the hen do…

Woman's Own, November 22nd, 1956

I think the phrase ‘Come Hither, Nurse’ has probably changed in its connotations since 1956!

Somewhere, in one of the magazines is a story about a nurse and a doctor who fall in love amidst a hurricane in India. I seem to remember it had a gorgeous illustration to accompany it, but can I find it? Can I eckers…

Dorcas advert, 1954

I wish Kirsty still had to wear a uniform like that!

This front cover is probably one of my favourites:

Woman's Own, August 26th, 1954

The first page in a 4-page supplement to assist the new bride. All about household chores and making your home lovely. I used to get quite affronted by women only being pigeon-holed in one way. Now that I quite fancy a life where I don’t work, but take care of the house and pretty much do as I fancy the rest of the time, it doesn’t seem so bad. The biggest difference is that now, I can choose to do this rather than be expected to.

Happy Birthday, Kirsty! Hope you’ve had a fun day.


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  1. Kirsty Jarvis says:

    Thank you very much Emma, a lovely tribute indeed! I actually love those wedding dresses on the last page. Im sure the NHS would benefit from the Dorcas pillowcases and sheets! Incredibly soft but hard to wear out…sounds good to me! Another brill blog, keep up the good work Em! xxx

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