Buildings and Owls in Leeds


We were at Aidan’s dad’s wedding in Leeds yesterday, so all feeling a bit worse for wear today. Aidan has very kindly decided to share his cold with me… so I’m tucked up in bed watching Come Dine With Me whilst writing this. Despite the wedding celebrations, we took the time to have a quick look around Leeds. As always, I had the camera ready for any interesting sights.

The rather brutal looking building on the right was opposite the hotel we were staying in, The Metropole. The irony is, I didn’t actually get a picture of the front of The Metropole. A great shame as it is a gorgeous building. We did take a picture of the back entrance:

I think this one was a bank, if I remember correctly:

I love it when you start looking for retro buildings in places you think you know well. Just by looking up, you get a whole different viewpoint.

Even looking out of our hotel room gave me a new perspective:

I’m glad I captured the birds in this picture; adds to the Mary Poppins chimney dance feel to it.

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  1. Claire says:

    I LOVE that first building! When was it built, do you know? So severe, yet quite beautiful.

    1. littleowlski says:

      I don’t know anything about it. I should look it up really. We were both fairly impressed by it; more so by the contrast between that and the building we were staying in.

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