Pottery for Parents


On Thursday evening, my parents and my nan came to visit us in Glossop. Fortunately they seemed to bring the glorious weather with them. They stayed at the beautiful Allman’s Heath Cottage, where they stay every time they come to visit. My mum and Julie, the owner, can natter away about growing their own veg and baking cakes whilst my dad takes pictures of the flowers in the garden. He’s very manly like that.

Anyway, since we started buying and selling West German Pottery on a more business like basis, my mum has bought a couple of pots from us each time they’ve been to visit. This time, both she and my nan bought some. Makes it seem like a real business, if even your family will buy them from us!

Here’s what they bought:


That one came with some free stickers…

I can pretty much predict my mum’s taste now – anything orange and floral tends to be popular with her. Dad sent me these pictures last night:

I think they were quite happy with them!

Thankfully, the beautiful weather they brought with them has continued into today. I think there may be some sunbathing and cider-drinking in order later… Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!


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  1. Vix says:

    I think me and your Mum have similar taste, I love the orange ones, too.
    Is it raining by you? So much for our plans of a garden party later! xxx

    1. littleowlski says:

      I think you sent the rain our way! It was gorgeous earlier, but has turned really chilly this evening. My plans for a gorgeous walk in the hills with a friend turned into a battle against a natural wind tunnel. Hope you manage to get the garden party in at some other time! Emma x

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