A Little Ray of Sunshine…

Now, I’m writing this in advance, so it might very well not be sunny by the time it’s published. I don’t care. At this moment in time, I’m feeling much happier so it’s all about colours to reflect that mood.

Teacher’s strike aside, I’ve got two devolved INSET days… in Basic English, this means I’ve got a five day weekend starting this morning. First stop: Manchester to get some accessories to go with my ‘thrifted’ (to pinch the Aussie/American parlance) Monsoon dress ready for the wedding we’re going to this weekend. I also need new makeup, shoes and a weekend bag. Then, later today I’m signed up to a knitting course at the Smithy Studios in Glossop. Friday morning… don’t talk to me about Friday morning… Oh, O.K… I’ve got a driving lesson. I’m a bit scared. The less said the better. Weekend = posh wedding at Lumley Castle (good luck Sarah and Matt!). Monday – day tripping somewhere with the Holtster.

So yeah, all in all, I’m quite happy.


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