A Grey Day – The West German Pottery Way

Bay Keramik 224-20
Bay Keramik 224-20

Despite the title of this post, I’ve actually had two pretty good days, busy but productive. I’m referring to the weather with the title! Rain, drizzle, precipitation… whatever you want to call it; it has rained, rained and rained today. I left early yesterday morning with some gigantic parcels in tow to post before going to a house second viewing (exciting!), but alas! The Post Office was closed due to a power failure in the Glossop Co-op which is where it’s situated. Having lugged the parcels that far, they then had to come to the house viewing with me, causing eyebrows to be raised. Following that, they had to be taken back home due to a lack of power still… my arms were certainly aching by the time they finally got posted later yesterday afternoon. Today, it’s yet another grey, overcast day…

Anyway, because of the manky weather, I thought I’d do a grey, black and white themed pottery post. And also because it’s one of the few combinations of colours that I’ve not featured yet.

It’s quite a process to go through all of these and add the names and makers to each picture. We’re leaving for Germany this evening, so if I get chance then I’ll do some more. Otherwise, I’ll have to keep coming back to it! If you happen to know the maker in the meantime, feel free to click the image and leave a comment. Share and share alike, I think!


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