Pop Pots


With the promise of some chocolate brownies, I managed to get Aidan to take some pictures for me of our poppiest pottery:

There’s a mixture of Steuler, Jopeko, Carstens and Fohr here, but somehow they seem to work together. Many of these were found on the latest trip: the giant Steuler is one of our best finds yet! The little owl is also a particular favouriteĀ – Aidan didn’t know it was Steuler, but I did thanks to the lovely Claudia who emailed me a picture of her gorgeous green version a while ago.

Only a couple more days to go now until I’m back to work. This summer holiday has absolutely flown by! I’ve still got my Masters essay to finish and all of my planning to do for the new school term. However, today I have been thwarted by the ridiculous delivery system by ASOS – last week I was furious when I waited in all day, only for them to either not knock loudly enough or not at all… I received an email at 11.30 saying that they’d tried to deliver my parcel but no-one was home. Er, yes I was! Quite, quite cross to say the least. Anyway, it’d better turn up today as promised or I’ll be on the warpath. Well, as much of a warpath as you can be on when you can only contact the companies involved via webforms.

Is it too early to eat a chocolate brownie?


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