Wallpaper Madness


Have you ever done up a house? Today, we realised that B&Q had an offer on Dulux paints that was ending this weekend, forcing us to examine our wallpaper choices and make some decisions. Easier said than done.  So far, we’ve narrowed it down to these:

Squirrel and Dove by Sanderson
Squirrel and Dove by Sanderson
Mobiles by Sanderson
Mobiles by Sanderson
Marcelo by Holden Decor
Marcelo by Holden Decor

The ‘Squirrel and Dove’ wallpaper by Sanderson is going to be for my little room at the front of the house. The room’s quite small; just about big enough for a single bed with a wall of built in wardrobes with mirrored doors. I’m probably going to put a table in there and finally do some sewing…

The ‘Mobiles’ by Sanderson is for the living room. The room has a strange little alcove attached to it which we intend to use as a dining area: the current debate is whether to paint inside this alcove the lime green colour or the more sensible boring grey colour. The room has a dado rail that oddly changes heights at different points in the room; in the alcove, it’s about one third of the way up the wall. I quite fancy painting it the lime colour below the rail with the grey above.

The ‘Marcelo’ wallpaper by Holden Decor is quite a newly released one. I love the ’50s style of both this and the ‘Mobiles’ one. However, putting them together I’ve realised that we’re doing for the same colours in two different rooms. Too boring? They’re going to be utilised in completely different ways; perhaps they are too similar though and we should be a bit more adventurous. The ‘Marcelo’ also comes in this colour-way:

'Marcelo' by Sanderson in purple
‘Marcelo’ by Sanderson in purple

It’s so difficult to decide what we want! Basically, if the choice was just between ten different papers and paints, we’d be fine. As it is, there are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from. Wallpaper Direct has taken over Rightmove as my online guilty pleasure! Our ideas for the big study at the front of the house have been scuppered too by seeing this room at the Fat Cat blog. The dark grey wall with a scandi sideboard and West German pottery is right up our street, and perfectly doable with our current furniture and furnishings.

Choices, choices, choices!

Other things we still have to do before D-Day in November: sort out plastering and electrics upstairs, fit new light fittings, paint and wallpaper upstairs and down; buy all of the baby furniture; buy all of our furniture (sofa and chairs, dining table and chairs, various shelving options, two double beds…); save ourselves from going insane! Aidan is also very keen to keep up his Germany trips and Ebay selling of West German pottery. We’ve got a double garage full of pots, including hundreds of our own collection pieces that we need to sort through and decide what we’re keeping. Along with our retro mass market art prints of Tretchikoff, Lynch, Shabner, Van Der Syde, Torino and others, the pottery will probably make up the bulk of our accessories.

Oh dear, wish I hadn’t written that last paragraph! I’m going to measure some walls up to get some of this wallpaper ordered this evening… that’ll be one less job to do.

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  1. john sydney says:

    No, not wallpaper, never wallpaper, anything but patterned wallpaper. I still dream of the mad wallpaper on my childhood bedroom. I am sure my parents were well intentioned but just get a tin of paint ….aaarrgh !

  2. sue says:

    Oh, I think I could have written this post. Some decisions I can make without batting an eyelash and others, like choosing paint colors, are horrible! Good luck, I am debating on blues for my bedroom. I want the fairest, lightest blue, but not so faint that it makes no impact. Wish me luck as I wish you luck. Love the squirrel and dove choice by the way.

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