Vintage Galt Jigsaws


We’re not huge jigsaw players in this house. I’m absolutely convinced that Corliss pretends she can’t do them every time we sit down to do one together. It drives me mad! Nothing guaranteed to get my blood boiling more than either her whingy voice or doing a jigsaw with her… This is an example conversation of a typical jigsaw encounter with Corliss:

Me: Let’s do a jigsaw together! Let’s start by separating up the straight edges and middle bits.

Corliss: Here’s a straight edge.

Me: Not a straight edge.

Corliss: Here’s one.

Me: Not a straight edge.

Corliss: This is a middle piece.

Me: That’s a straight edge.

Corliss: These two match!

Me: They don’t, try to look and see what’s on the pieces and match them together.

Corliss: These two match!

Me: Good try, but no.

Corliss: I’ve finished my bit!

Me: Well… they still don’t match, let’s try another bit…

I’m making myself sound even more patient than I normally am. The last time we tried to do a jigsaw together, Corliss gave up after about two minutes, so I finished off the jigsaw. She came back over to the finished jigsaw and declared, “We did it! High five, mummy!”

I refused to let her take the glory on that occasion.



It’s probably because neither Aidan nor I ever really do them, that neither of our kids seem interested in them. However, we do really like the look of vintage jjigsaws, specifically these wooden Galt ones.

They’re pretty much the only jigsaws I can tolerate. Although I have just bought a big load of retro Disney ones to try to sell on eBay. I’m not sure I’m going to make my fortune with them, but it all adds up.

I’ve not got a lot more to say about these jigsaws. As much as I love the look of them, numerous anecdotes of me getting cross with my eldest for refusing to give them her full attention isn’t exactly the most inspiring of posts to read. So apologies for the lack of words, please enjoy the pictures.


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