The Friday Find…

Today's find!
Today’s find!

At the moment, I’m all cock-a-hoop with the joys of writing a blog. Admittedly, I’m only getting an average of about ten people a day reading it but I don’t mind as I’m enjoying it so much. However, as I was wandering around Glossop today, I did think that maybe there would come a point when I’d run out of things to blog about.

That was until I found the little fellow above in Oxfam and became inspired!

This little Italian donkey was 49p and just about jumped into my hand off the shelf.  There was a girl with a headscarf who’d been in the same couple of shops as me prior to Oxfam; I’m sure I even saw her giving him a greedy glance. It might have been a quizzical look at me to be fair… there can’t be many women of my age buying these things.


The underneath showing the signature
The underneath showing the signature

Right, so The Friday Find.  The idea is that every Friday I’ll write about my findings from the week before, therefore giving me something to blog about when the pool of neverending inspiration has finally dried up. Or I’ve taken pictures of everything in the house already. Whichever comes first…

 My rules are simple:   I can only include things that have come from charity shops, antique shops or car boot sales. They also have to be things that I’ve found personally.  If I haven’t found anything… not sure yet. Perhaps I have to trawl the internet or Ebay to add things to my wish list?  I’m sure A will have some more ideas of rules to add to my very short list.

Enjoy the pictures of the latest addition to the retro-ness that is my house. I think I feel a new collection coming on…

Making friends!
Making friends!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Fro says:

    Love the pots, especially the fan-shaped Italian number… I however draw the line at the donkey.

    Fro. x

    P.S. the vintage prints in the office actually look rather good!

  2. Fro says:

    Should have read… ‘I, however, draw the line at the donkey.

  3. littleowlski says:

    How can you draw the line at the donkey? He’s so cute! Imagine a line of them on a shelf in your kitchen…

  4. Oh they of little faith. I remember not so very long ago the same kind (and worse) comments were thrown at me when i picked up my 10th West German pot of the day and still had change from a tenner. Give it time and even these little loved donkeys will be appreciated. (I hope!)

    My method is, I usually buy that which most other people verbally loath. They tend to be cheap, are often very well made and once appreciated anew, tend to become the next best thing.. Good luck & keep buying…

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thanks for the good luck! I think you’re right; many things are hated then come to be loved again. German pots and Tretchikoff prints are probably the most obvious examples of this happening.

      I am truly hoping that one day others will see the light when it comes to these donkeys. I found a small glass version last week, which I’ve never seen before. Just another to add to the collection…!

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