Do I see £5 anywhere?


In approximately sixty minutes time, I am venturing off to my first ever auction! I literally cannot wait. I’ve got food on the go as I type so we can scoff it down, then jump straight into the car.  It’s at Sykes Auction House in Holmfirth (near Huddersfield).  According to our antique-expert neighbour, Jim, it’s a 20 minute drive away. I hope so. We’ve also got Ebay items ending tonight that need wrapping… And we’re out tomorrow night to watch iLiKETRAiNS… Then out all over the weekend to go down to London to a craft fair.  Too much to do!

I’m going to try sneaking my camera in to the auction tonight. Hopefully, there will be plenty of retro joyfulness on show and I’ll get away with some crafty picture-snapping.

iLiKETRAiNS video below; chosen for its retro radio at the start of the video…

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