A Tale of Two Donkeys…


It’s probably a little early in the year for a story about a little donkey, but I have to introduce the two new additions to the Italian donkey family. 

Think they're happy to be here?

The tale (tail) of my donkeys begins a few months ago. I found a very strange, retro looking ceramic donkey at a car boot sale in Stafford. 50p was paid (ha, Aidan!) and the donkey was purchased. I placed the donkey on Ebay: it sold for over £6.00! I was surprised to say the least… Alas, disaster struck and I very foolishly sent the donkey severly underwrapped and it smashed in the post.

Fast forward a few months, and, once again in Stafford, I found another donkey very similar to the first. Feeling sorry for the original purchase’s demise, I bought that one as a way of making amends.  And lo: another collection was begun.  I posted on here a couple of weeks back about the miniature one I found in Glossop. And on Saturday, I found another two – the little beauties above and below!

This one thinks it's a cowboy...

I don’t know what it is about them that appeals to me. I love the fact that they are so kitsch looking, but a year ago I would probably have sneered and said, “No way!” at the thought of a collection of them. Yet… times do change and you start to see things in a different light.

This one's just jealous that he doesn't have a hat!

Anyway, me being me, I like to get to know about these things.  I have googled and searched Ebay listings, trawled the fabulous Pottery and Glass forum; however, the only real mention I’ve been able to find of these anywhere has been here. Even this has been scant, really. So far, I’ve discovered that:

  • The names associated with them are Vietri, Richard Doelker, Enzo Caruso, Liguori and Procida (thanks to aforementioned blog).
  • They are known as ‘Ciucci’ which presumably is Italian for donkey.
  • They mostly seem to be collected by Americans; subsequently many for sale on Ebay are coming from America.

And that is really it… disappointingly little. I’ll keep looking and I’ll make the obligatory plea for help over at the Pottery and Glass forum. If anybody does have any more information about these cheeky chaps, let me know via the comments.

The boys together...

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