Tretchikoff Exhibition: Iziko South African National Gallery


The following press release has been sent to me by Natasha, grand-daughter of Vladimir Tretchikoff. How amazing would it be to get over there and see it??

“Hi, Tretchi was my grand dad. We are having a retrospective of original works next year in the South African National Gallery. See press release below…

If you have or no of anyone with original Tretchikoff Artworks, please do let me know. Thank you!

Call for ORIGINAL ARTWORKS for Tretchikoff exhibition at Iziko South African National Gallery

A major retrospective of the artist Vladimir Tretchikoff, entitled Tretchikoff: The People’s Painter, will open at the IZIKO South African National Gallery in 2011. The exhibition organisers are issuing a general call for people who own original works (as opposed to prints) to be exhibited on this show. Originals paintings tend to have a textured, layered surface.

While Tretchikoff is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most controversial artists, much maligned in the 1960s and onwards by several members of the established arts community, there can be no doubt that he has become a cultural icon and remains a favourite artist to many South Africans. Sales of his work have recently reached record levels at auction and there is a considerable revival of interest in his iconic paintings amongst designers, younger artists and critics. Despite this there has been almost no serious assessment of Tretchikoff’s art and his legacy. This exhibition aims to examine Tretchikoff anew and place him in contemporary perspective.

In his heyday Tretchikoff’s exhibitions drew record audiences at home and abroad and he pioneered the idea of selling affordable copies of his works, enabling working class people to own art which they proudly displayed above their mantelpieces. Works such as The Chinese Lady, The Dying Swan and The Lost Orchid have become a vital part of popular culture.

Readers who own original Trechikoff paintings or sketches (as opposed to prints) are encouraged to contact Andrew Lamprecht or Natasha Swift for further information:


Issued: 2 November 2010″

So, just because it’s a great excuse, here are some of my favourite Tretchikoff prints (I’ve not added ‘Balinese Girl’ despite it being one of my faves, mainly because I’ve featured it so much recently!):

Lady from Orient


Fruits of Bali
Miss Wong


Zulu Girl


Visit the Tretchikoff website here. There are also a couple of ‘appreciation’ groups on Facebook here and here.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. ?????? says:

    how much is Lady from Orient
    worth in a paiting

    1. littleowlski says:

      I really wouldn’t know. It depends if it’s a painting or a print. Your best chance of finding out is to get in touch with the people at the gallery mentioned on this post. Good luck!

  2. Pam Hoy says:

    I host the website which covers questions/answers selling/buying worldwide of all Tretchikoff prints and some originals.

    I also have an ORIGINAL TRETCHIKOFF PAINTING in the South African National Gallery exhibition as mentioned above.

    To give a short answer to the question re ‘how much is the Lady of the Orient worth”.
    You are absolutely correct, the Original Oil Painting or the print.
    Original Oil Paintings by Tretchikoff can go as high as $462,000.00 Aussie (which was the sale price of the LOST ORCHID painting or as low as $15,000.00 (horse racing painting).
    The LADY OF THE ORIENT is definitly at the high end of this $ value.

    The Lady of the Orient print was released in 2 sizes, medium and Large. If original condition from the 1960’s lithograph reproduction, the medium size sells around $100.00, the large size sells around $400.00

    I hope this is information is of some value. Please feel free to view my website and email me with any questions.

  3. angie says:


    i have the Miss wong paiting (not too sure if it is a print or the original) trying to get some info on it as i got the painting from my grandfather. please contact me on my email as i have some photos of it

    thank you

  4. Samantha Nicholson says:

    Hi my name is samantha im from new zealand i purchased a painting of the lost orchid many years ago for i think twenty dollars i love it.was just wandering how i would know it the real deal its signed with no lines going over the letter f down the bottom right corner with SA in the frame i purchased it in,looks pretty old.

  5. Jay says:

    I have a painting of the lost orchid. How will i know it’s the real painting?

    1. littleowlski says:

      You would need to get it verified by a proper expert, which I’m afraid I can’t help you with. Tretchikoff’s granddaughter is one of the commenters further up this post, so she may well see this and be able to help you more than I can. Emma

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