Tretchikoff Style Metal Cast Heads


I was just having a think about all of the amazing things that I’ve seen over the year in a variety of places: charity shops, markets, shops, Ebay, car boot sales… and I remembered about these amazing things that Aidan bought at the start of December.  We’d been down to Stafford to see my parents, taking in the customary charity shops and antique stalls on the markets. Nestled amongst the (very cheap) treasures on aforementioned stall were these:

Tretchikoff Style Heads

Aidan sold them on Ebay as ‘Tretchikoff Style’ as they seemed to be very similar to some of the women in his paintings.  We don’t really know anything about them other than they look Fifties and are made of a very heavy metal. They measure about 3″ long.  They’re long gone to the lucky buyer who won them, but I just wondered if anyone knew anything about them? I really like them (Aidan didn’t!), so if I ever saw any again, I’d probably buy them. On the original stall, they were priced at £3… Aidan sold them for £51! Quite a profit. Probably the real reason why he didn’t want to keep them… Let’s just hope that’s been reinvested into my Christmas present!

This was also bought from the same stall: A little Cairn vase for £3. Needless to say, it also sold for quite a bit more…

Small Cairn Pottery vase

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