H. Walter ‘Ilonka’ Vintage Print

On all of our trips (bar one) we’ve come back with a semi-naked lady… Usually to be found languishing on the back seat of the car, showing off her attributes to all and sundry who may peer into the back seat. The last roadtrip was no exception: this time we brought back not one, not two but three sultry-looking females. Oh, it makes you go all a-flutter…

H. Walter 'Ilonka' print

I’ll let you into a secret… we actually bought two of these! It took me a while to convince Aidan to even buy the first one. I’m not sure why… have you seen her?! Anyway, I’m glad we did as we’ve sold one to Wowie Zowie and kept one for ourselves. So, if you’re a bit keen on Ilonka, get yourself down to Wowie Zowie in Chorlton, Manchester (opposite the Unicorn Grocery store).

If you look at my post about Melanie earlier in the week, you’ll notice that the sticker is the same so they must have been sold at the same shop or department store. I’d pay a fair amount of money for a catalogue of that era from that store!

I’ve tried researching H. Walter and ‘Ilonka’ print, but just can’t seem to find anything. Perhaps it’s a one-off? What I have found was this:

'Carmen' by Torino

I found this at the Tretchikoff.au website. Startlingly similar, no? A bit like the Tina/Nina similarities by J. H. Lynch and Van der Syde. Unfortunately, without being able to find anything more about either artist, I’ve got little chance of finding out which picture came first.

Perhaps I should rename this post ‘Sexy Saturday’ in honour of these two foxy ladies? It’s enough to get you all hot under the collar…

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    1. cappels says:

      i have also this picture but my pic have the name ilomka
      how much get you for it.
      and have you more informations about the artist?

      1. littleowlski says:

        Hello, unfortunately I’ve not been able to find out anything more about it. I’ve never sold it, so I don’t know the value of it. If I do find anything more about it, I will post it up here. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Emma

  1. my hubby to find Ilonka yesterday….

    1. Cathy says:

      The printing done by H. Walter what you guys refer to ‘llonka’ is a painting of a VERY WELL KNOWN FAMOUS mexican actress her name is Maria Felix. She can be compared to the Madonna in 80’s who changed the music market. Well Dona Maria Felix was the Mexican Madonna. of the black & white early Mexican movies. That alone makes the painting worth $$$$.
      questions regarding maria felix email me @ catiriarodriguez@aol.com SUBJEST Maria Felix

      1. littleowlski says:

        That’s great information, thanks very much for taking the time to share it. Off to Google her now! Emma x

  2. blue says:

    I purchased a Ilonka today in Germany at a flea market. So I guess our paintings aren’t a one off :-/
    I found this posting while searching for the Artist

  3. Peter says:

    How much you paid for “ilonka”? Someone in slovakia want To sell it for 500 €.

    1. littleowlski says:

      I’ve never paid more than about ten Euros for it. I think they’re probably trying it on a bit for that price, to be honest! Emma

  4. renee says:

    I own this Ilonka and have it hanging over my staircase.

  5. Kina says:

    I have the same painting, been researching & glad I found these post(s)!!!!!!!!!! I love love love it. I bought it from a flea market when I was 11 yrs old, im now 38. it’s hanging in my living room over my antique sofa….#classic

    1. Hello, my parents have had the painting for 30+ years. Do you have a site to research the artist H. Walter…do you know the value of the painting? Thanks so much.

  6. Angel says:

    My husband and I have this same painting in a frame. The painting was given to him by his dad. We have also tried to look the H. Walter up and find this painting. If you find anything on this painting, feel free to email me. Thanks

  7. gina says:

    i also have had this H. Walter painting for 30 years. i know nothing about her other than the free spirit she portrays.I call her Rosalita

  8. renee says:

    I just recently sent a picture of my Ilonka to an art appraiser in Chicago via email and her response was it has little to no value and it was widely reproduced. I find that hard to believe because you can hardly find one iota on information about the painting or the artist!!

  9. sledgehammer462 says:

    I also have “Ilonka”…my parents had this hanging in our living room since I could remember…my father got it for my mother because of the striking resemblance it was of my mother…I would imagine they had it in Brooklyn when they were first married…late 40′s-early 50′s…but it hung in my house all throughout the 60′s when I was a child…My father just recently passed away and I now have it…It is a beauty!!!!…and I remember such fond memories always seeing this in our house right above the tv with a night light underneath it…I “knew” I was home!! I’m happy that I came across this tonight as I now know more about this cherished picture. I have pictures of it on my Facebook page…Any other info on this would be greatly appreciated…Enjoy, Steve

  10. Jayashree chetty says:

    hello all I also have a “Ilonka, we have had this picture in our family for over 50years. We live in South Africa,

  11. JohnRoot says:

    Hey. Just thought I’d point out that coincidentally, (what with your spotting the Tretschikoff on Father Ted’s landing) I have always been convinced that there is a shot of Father Jack’s bedroom (I think….. it may have been the bathroom) where you can clearly see Ilonka on the wall. I only see Father Ted occasionally now so I’ve never seen it again. Can anyone with a box set help?

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