Anglia Pottery: A Little Deer


It’s not quite lost nor is it a roe (I think), but it’s still a deer for us!

Anglia Pottery deer

I bought this at Bygone Times a couple of weeks ago for £4.00. She was sitting high up on a shelf surrounded by tat. I’m sure many people would probably think this was tat, but it makes me happy to see this little deer sitting there, while I look at pictures of other retro items.

Can’t seem to find much out about the pottery, but I’ve found a new forum that has a thread for it. Fingers crossed that they know something there!

Inside, its tag reads:

A distinctive handcrafted Pottery made in Billinghay, Lincolnshire from raw material to finished product it is completely British. Each article is fired to a perfect gloss with old world care and craftmanship to give you years of pleasure.”


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  1. clairebelles says:

    Years of pleasure! I like it!
    We have one very small vase. Maybe one day I’ll photograph it for you. It’s interesting that you know about stuff like this. I am someone who would presume it’s tat!

    Why don’t you sign up to carboot challenge?

    1. littleowlski says:

      You’ll have to explain to me what a carboot challenge is… if it involves trying to make money on a car bootsale; that’s what I spend most of my summer doing!

      And it probably is tat, but I still like knowing about it. You never know what your one pot could be, Claire – you might have a fortune sitting on your shelf!

  2. clairebelles says:

    It’s a TV show! Look it up.

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