A night time excursion to the bathroom by my other half has resulted in the breakage of two of my favourite Scheurich 414 pots.  The one in my blog header on the left and another mottled red/orange one.  I can’t even bring myself to put a picture up of the damage.

He’s promised to fix these and replace them amid many, many apologies. So, I’m now on the hunt for two replacement 414s. If you happen to spot any exciting ones at a decent price, send me a link please. 

Just a reminder of the pots in their glory (and the form for anyone who fancies having a look):

One on the left is now missing its handle…

Red and orange mottled one on the right, behind the blue one is missing a chunk out of the side and rim…

Hopefully, we’ll be able to find replacements. We did see a lovely blue and black one on Stuart’s stall at Bygone Times; we didn’t get it then because we were convinced that we already had one like that. Perhaps a visit up there will be necessary now.  Never mind, these things happen.

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  1. clairebelles says:

    Oh Now! Aiden!!!! Well I guess it’s an excuse to go shopping…

  2. Cinna says:

    I just love your collection of 414 and such a pity to have 2 broken. Hope you will find some out there. I will check on your behalf:)

  3. you got a great collection

  4. Stuart says:

    Oh dear Emma – what a disaster! But I guess it makes the “hunt” all the more interesting whgen you have such specific goals. A bleated happy new yeaar to you both. take care, Stuart

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Stuart, yes it was a bit of a disaster! We were pretty much hopping round the room in the middle of the night, trying to find shards of porcelain! I’m quite pleased that we’ve managed to find two new ones though in such quick succession; and to be fair to Aidan, he’s done a good job in repairing the broken ones – the damage is barely visible really. Happy New Year to you too, happy hunting for this year! We’re thinking of organising a road trip to Germany, inspired your example. So I might be emailing you soon, if you don’t mind, to ask for your recommendations of where to go as we plainly have no idea! Emma x

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