Penny’s Pretty, Potty Pots…

These are some new purchases by my parents:

Watch out for the cat appearing…


Tyler, the cat, was obviously getting a little bit jealous of the attention the pots were getting!

I know that these are Scheurich and the form numbers; however, I know nothing about the glaze as I’ve never seen ones like these before. Any ideas on designer, era etc., please do let me know.


Thanks to Kevin Graham I can now add a bit more information to these wonderful pots:

“Very late 70s into early 80s, i would think the form was by A.Seide ans the glaze was probably by Oswald Kleudgen, as to value, thats a little difficult, they are worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for them, they are not a matched pair which reduces the worth a bit.”
As always, the wonderful people (and person – Kevin – in particular) at the Pottery and Glass forum respond rapidly to any request for information. Thanks very much!  When I get through to my mother, I’ll pass her this information along.

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