West German Pottery: Just Hangin’ Around…


If you’re getting short of space in your house due to the multitudes of West German pottery and other retro/vintage paraphenalia, what better way to continue the WGP theme than by utilising your wall area? Vases weren’t the only pieces to come from the ceramics factories of West Germany.

Wall plaques, wall plates, wall vases… Whatever you want to call them; stick ’em on your wall and enjoy the space you have left on the floor. Have you spotted the non-German interloper amongst those displayed in the gallery? It’s a very Bitossi-esque plate that I just had to include despite the fact that we no longer own it and nor is it, as we found out from its new owner, even made by Bitossi. No matter. I still love the plate and enjoyed having it around for a bit.

Sometimes the wall plaques and plates can be a little more difficult to identify the makers of. Ruscha often attributed their pieces, and indeed made many of the plates, in particular. However, many of the other companies just didn’t sign their work.

Some of the plaques above are currently for sale here and more information about West German pottery and the various companies can be found here at the Potsandpots website.

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