Auction Viewing With Parents…


On Thursday, my lovely parents came up to visit. They were bringing me my birthday presents (quite early but I won’t see them around then).  I’ll post up the best present after this post.  We had a little trip to Holmfirth:

My dad... posing as usual!

After that, we headed up to the auction in New Mill. Few interesting bits and bobs, but nothing worth putting an offer in for. As we can never make the actual auction, we have to put commission bids in. Most of the time, it’s just a few bits in a box we’re interested in: not worth driving forty minutes for on a Saturday morning!

Old lights from a railway station


West German pot in a box of junk


Pile of dusty old suitcases


Ercol-Style retro chairs

If we’d actually been there, probably would have put a cheeky bid in on all of them, just to see. But never mind. Fun to look round anyway. Thanks Mum and Dad for a lovely day out and my present…!

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