Little Owl Vintage is Setting up Shop! (Almost…)


I’ve been thinking about setting up a vintage and retro stall at my local market in Glossop for a while now, but still haven’t got the guts to really go for it! It’s ridiculous: I’ve even found out how much it is but I’ve been stumped by being told I need public indemnity insurance (or something like that). I’m a bit chicken at the moment to ring up and find out about it. I suppose if it goes any further, then I’ll really have to do it and I’m a bit of a wuss really. Despite the fact that I’d love doing it, I still need a push to make me set it up.

Anyway, the Glossop Rotary Club are holding their first car boot sale of the season tomorrow morning. Aidan and I have decided to go and hold a stall, but I’m actually going to have half of it for retro and vintage items: my ‘Little Owl Vintage’ section. As I type, I’m in the middle of creating some labels for my items. I need to get a move on really as we’re supposed to be meeting friends in the pub at eight…

Wish me luck tomorrow! If this goes well, then I’ll get the stall going.

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  1. Giles Gough says:

    Best of luck! Tell me if you have any cool jackets that come into your possession!

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