Aidan’s Guest Blog 2: Carstens Candle Holder



Carstens Candle Holder

Guest blog number two from Emma’s other half. This one is about a rather unusual little candle holder which I treated myself to from a certain online website (Ebay) a few months ago.

Predictably its West German and this one is made by Carstens, identification made easy by a little cloth label on its chest indicating that its from the Atlier range (I think this is correct). I was drawn to its stylised design and since its migration from Germany, it has made itself at home perched in front of the fire downstairs with a candle on its head.

I don’t think I’ve seen any other Carstens – or for that matter West German pottery – in quite such a stylised animal form. It’s a new one to our pottery collection; with the exception of a little West German pottery owl base which at the moment has been relegated to the loft, but when liberated could certainly site beside this one to jointly provide lighting for a room.

 Its species has yet to be determined, all suggestions greatly received!


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