Finding A Vintage Dress for Owl Ski…

A week tomorrow I am off to a swanky party with work. We won a Vodafone competition and our prize is an all expenses paid party and casino at a boutique hotel in Manchester. I’ve been extremely good with my diet (and have lost another stone in weight) but I’m struggling to find a dress for the evening. I’d like something vintage; ideally something that makes me look like this:
Joan's dress, in the middle

However, this is proving extremely difficult to find something along similar lines. 

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trawling Ebay endlessly, looking for something. On Sunday, after the Manchester 10k, I’m going to have a look round the vintage shops in Manchester. This is my backup dress, if I can’t find anything else:

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  1. the dress is a dream…..guess I have to look for one

    great blog and I hope your dream come true …soon

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