Car Boot Sale Finds


Unfortunately, it has decided to bucket it down with rain today. We had planned to do a car boot sale this morning; car was packed and ready to go. However, waking up to rain at 6am put paid to that idea and the usual Sunday morning lounging was resumed!

I do have some bits and bobs from a previous car boot sale that I haven’t yet shared. Whilst I’m sure you’re not interested in the Game Boy Color (why didn’t they rechristen it ‘Colour’ in Britain?) I bought for Ebay, there were a few interesting pieces to be found – both with a 1950s theme:

Firstly, a cute little set of egg cups in a basket:

I’d quite like a little picnic outing to use these! Doesn’t seem like the weather is going to let us do that for a while though… Underneath these have the stamp for Embee products and are Made in England. I’m guessing 1950s, judging by the shape, colour and styling of bamboo handle and little red feet.
We also found this:
1950s Ceramic Bud Vase

This item is a sore point between Aidan and I! He once saw one at a car boot sale, but I wouldn’t let him buy it as I thought it was junk. He then found one on Ebay which sold for a silly amount; subsequently, he’s found, bought and sold others for equally silly amounts. I can see their appeal, but I don’t think I’d like one in my house – therefore, this one will also be making an appearance on Ebay! We never know what to call them though, as we don’t really know much about them. Usually, they’re listed as Tretchikoff style as they do seem to be reminiscent of that era.

We’re saving up at the moment for a road trip to Germany – hence the constant carbooting and Ebay selling. We’ve booked our ferries and have asked on the Pottery and Glass forum for recommendations of where to go/what to do. People are very generous with their knowledge, so we already have some ideas about the trip. Hopefully, we’ll be able to come back with a (Ford KA) car full of West German pots and other retro delights!

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