Scheurich 414: New Glazes


Since coming back from Germany a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been fairly busy sorting out the pots we bought, selling them on to Wowie Zowie (as previously mentioned) and some to Planet Vintage Girl. If you’ve been reading my previous posts about West German Pottery, you’ll have seen that I’m amassing a collection of Scheurich 414. Thanks to some new additions from Deutschland, I now have a grand total of 20 with 19 different glazes.

Scheurich 414-16

As you can see, I’ve actually tried to take some decent photographs for once! I experimented with two lamps, trying to create some kind of light table.  It’s not my forte, but I promise to keep trying to improve the quality of my photographs!

The blue vase was bought from Micha Kempf, who we stayed with on our German road trip. It’s now probably one of my favourites of the whole collection!

60s Glaze, name unknown

The next two I found at our final trodelmarkts in Germany. That very morning, I’d been complaining that of all the vases we’d found, none of them had been a 414. Lo and behold: two on one market! This one we’d only gone to as a last chance effort before the heavens opened. We managed to have a good look round before the rain did start to pour down – didn’t seem to put off the staunch stallholders, however! Oh no, many of them braved it out with a few well-placed pieces of plastic.

Very pleased with them. We’ve booked to go back to Germany a week on Friday as well, so I’m already getting excited about what we might find on a return trip.

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  1. Laura says:

    Love your collection! The 414 is amazing! So glad I found your blog. Have a wonderful trip in Germany.

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thanks Laura!! Glad you found it as well! We will definitely enjoy our return and we’ll let you know what we’re doing when we come back. All depends on what we find of course! Look forward to seeing the pictures of the pots 🙂

  2. lavalotti says:

    414s are such a cute shape to collect. I only have two and don’t see them as often around here as Ruscha 313s for some reason.

    1. littleowlski says:

      I’ve never seen a Ruscha 313 when looking for myself, only in an antiques centre on a stall specialising in WGP. Found some more 414s this weekend – little bit sad how excited I got!

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