J.H. Lynch Print: Meet Lisa

There’s another woman in our house; another woman to steal Aidan’s affections. This one’s even got her chest out for him:

Autumn Leaves

Despite the printing’s name being ‘Autumn Leaves’ for some reason, we’ve taken to calling her ‘Lisa’. I think it might be marked on the back of the picture somewhere. I don’t really want to take it off the wall to check; as knowing me, I won’t be able to put it back on!

Just found this on Youtube:

Clearly, somebody likes the work of Lynch even more than me!

This website is dedicated to Lynch – the gallery is fantastic for a look through!

Our ‘Lisa’ was bought during the German Road Trip: Part One. On the Remix trip, we managed to find not one, but two versions of ‘Tina’ (which we already have). One of them was fairly faded, but it took on a slightly bluey-green hue to it, that was reminiscent of that other mass market artist, Tretchikoff.

One thing about ‘Lisa’: her eyes follow you. She’s watching me now as I type this, probably plotting how to steal my boyfriend away with her ample bosom…

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  1. lavalotti says:

    that’s one smokin’ lady!

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