Üeberlacker Twin Pots


That title makes it sound like yoghurts. It’s not yoghurts, I promise!



Üeberlacker Keramik make some luvverly pots (I’m getting my Masterchef style voice ready for tonight’s show…); bright, unusual and original… Yep, I like them. These are a pair we decided to keep from the original German Road Trip. For once, I’ve attempted to take some reasonably decent photographs. The pots are stood upon a 1950s blanket box – Aidan did attempt to sell this box on Ebay, but nobody wanted it. All say, “Aaahhh…” Which means it’s now stood in our bedroom. It’s definitely growing on me though: makes a great stand for picture taking.

Üeberlacker was originally founded as a metal works by tin maker Johann Üeberlacker, based in Ransbach Baumbach. The Arts Director for the company, Heinz Hommerich, developed a fire red glaze in 1954 and this was the first mass produced glaze in Germany. However, it contained Selenium (highly toxic chemical) so presumbly this production was stopped! The company eventually went bust in 1990, partly due to an investment in Ireland.

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