UK Public Information Films


I’m supposed to be working… I’m currently putting together a powerpoint on a competition for writing a script for a bus safety DVD, and trying to find examples on Youtube. Unsurprisingly, I’ve become distracted…

I think I’m going to show that one to my year eleven class who are studying ‘Educating Rita‘.

Fairly useful for the competition, but is the ‘crash’ a bit too abrupt for an assembly?! I love how the woman at the end looks away so slowly, as if she’s really thinking, “Stupid woman! Glad it wasn’t me!”

CFC Rules Ok? Hob? What does ‘Hob’ mean? It’d be more likely to say something else nowadays…

I’d never use an inflatable again if Basil Brush was going to be there. I was ever so scared of him as a child – still am a bit…

Watch out for the man at about 20 seconds:

‘Always remind your children about strangers, in such a way that it won’t frighten them.’ Yes, use a pervy sounding alligator and a wife beater to do it instead; that won’t frighten them in the least!

So, who’s the Stupid Git naaah?

Me, for having spent half an hour of precious time watching them all…

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