Cuboid Carstens


Some more keepers from the Germany Road Trip:

These are made by Carstens; the larger one is marked M16/12 and the smaller white one is M14/10. The glaze is known as ‘Aztec’. These might be two of my favourites – at least for the moment, anyway!

I’m still trying to work on my better photos, but I find it difficult to see what will look good… just keep trying, I suppose.

I started German classes at the local college this week. I’m doing German Conversation Level3. German was one of the GCSEs that I took – and got an A in, I might add – but unfortunately, I just can’t remember enough of it. With the plans to visit Germany again firmly in place, it’ll be a handy skill to have. Last night we learned about strong and weak verbs; I was pleased to find that my knowledge of verb endings was still there. Speaking of which: I’ve got some homework to do!


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  1. lavalotti says:

    I think those are great photos, but I know what you mean about the struggle of taking decent pictures…I swear it sometimes takes me 10 tries to get a decent one that I can even consider posting on the blog. And now that it’s dark and gloomy outside all the time I have a 30 minute time window in the mornings to take pics and that’s it, haha.

    Good luck with your German class!

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