Hoy Töpferei…

I put the ellipsis in the title because there’s a sad tale to these two pots:

Hoy Pieces

After the very first German Road Trip, they were rejected not only by us, but by Wowie Zowie. We all thought they were lumpy, badly thrown pieces of purple-painted clay.

It turns out (while they still might be all of those things in my eyes), they aren’t just someone’s college project but made by a studio called ‘Hoy Töpferei’. Aidan has been researching the pots we brought back last time and thankfully, someone on the Pottery and Glass forum knew what they were. Hurrah!

We found another one on the last road trip:

Aidan’s selling the one above on Ebay at the moment. If you click the picture, you can have a look at the listing. Clearly, these are appreciated by more people than me as it’s got quite a few watchers. Get over there if you like the purpleness!

Neither of us are particularly up on our studio pottery, so it’s a definite learning curve. For the benefit of fellow collectors who may not know too much about the Hoy pottery, here are the bases:

Base 1
Cup Base

Happy ‘Hoy’ Hunting!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cinna says:

    Very nice pieces! Have never heard about Hoy Topferei, interesting.

    1. littleowlski says:

      They’re strange, aren’t they? There are just so many companies about that I know nothing about!

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