Mass Market Art: Vintage Prints


By now, you should know that I’m a bit partial to a semi-naked lady or two… more so if they have a slightly green sheen and I can hang them on my wall (what were you thinking…?). I also like many other mass market art prints; not just of the female variety!

I think this says ‘Gliey’ in the top corner, but I’ve not been able to find anything out about it. I can’t even decide if it’s a girl or a boy in the picture! Aidan is currently selling it on Ebay – I think he snuck it on there before I could lay proper claim to it!

Painted by Fernandez Diaz in 1957, this clown seems to be one of those prints that people recognise but can’t remember where they’ve seen it. We’ve also had warnings about trying to sell it on – apparently it can evoke fear and panic in people! Well, I hope no-one with a phobia of clowns comes to visit: we’ve got it up in the kitchen at the moment.

Although they all are to some extent, this one is a real mystery. The signature could be any number of things: Gingy, Gingyo, Ginsy, Ginsyo. In some ways, this vintage print almost looks like a Maio; but, the signature is clearly there and completely different. If anyone happens to recognise the signature, please do let me know via the comments. I’d love to track the artist down. This is another one I’m really keen on – it’ll probably get swapped with the clown picture at some point.

Another variation on the ‘child with animal’ theme… this one is my least favourite of all of them. Yet again, I can’t quite make the name out. It appears to say ‘Foust’ but – once again – I’ve hit a wall in trying to find out anything about it.

I’m not sure yet what we’re going to do with these; whether, we keep them or sell them on. At the moment, I’m thinking of keeping them to swap on the kitchen wall, depending on what mood I’m in. I also fancy beginning a wall of mass market art/big eyed prints. Our friends already think we have some dubious pieces of retro stuff – what will they make of these?


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  1. AL says:

    Haha! I remember the clown painting. We had it on the wall when I grew up and I loved it. I think my mother saved the painting and stored it somewhere dark och dusty.

  2. sarah hollamby says:

    I currently have the clown painting (or a print of) in My shed, my grandfather left it to me…. its a nice piece but a little scary! lol

  3. Kris Johnson says:

    I have two different Fernandez Diaz oil on canvas clown pictures, and I do not know much about the artist or his work. I would really appreciate any information you could share. Thank you!
    Kris Johnson

  4. Patrícia Loureiro says:

    Did you ever find out who “Ginsy” is? I have a similar painting, same girl with short hair, holding a fish basket. The signature is the same. Couldn’t find info so far… I’m from Portugal and bought it here at the flea market.
    Thanks for your attention,

  5. laine says:

    i got the same panthing of a girl with the fish bascket its from canada it was in my grandma house it look like ginsy.

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