Vintage Christmas Advent Calendar


We haven’t bought advent calendars this year. Instead, Aidan spent about four hours making one using this as the picture on the front:

Not only is the advent calendar a masterpiece in design (which Aidan made himself – I’m very proud); the picture is unbelievably amazing. Look at it: it’s got 1950s people in futuristic costumes; it’s set on a planet in space; it has aliens in it and it’s Christmas related. Un-bel-iev-able. I’m so, so impressed with it.

Yesterday’s picture was this one:

General Electric 1950s advert

We’ve not opened today’s yet – I want to know what the picture is! Oh well, will probably have to do it tomorrow now and enjoy two pictures in one day.

Thanks Aidan, it’s really made opening the advent calendar so much more exciting.

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  1. Aidan says:


    I was just reading up on advent calendars from your link. It made me smile that it includes:

    “Today, most Advent calendars are made for children.[citation needed] ”

    Surely that is evidence that they are not mainly for children and people just think that they are which means we are not big kids for still having one after all!


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