Vintage Woman’s Own: Winter Wonders


Today was the first day that I really had that Christmassy feeling. This is particularly amazing for me as I often don’t get into the mood until a couple of days before; perhaps it’s all the frost and talk of snow around the North of England. Whatever the reason, it has inspired me to write a Winter inspired post. I’d almost forgotten about my Woman’s Own magazines amidst the excitement of having so many West German pots to write about. However, they are perfect for a seasonal post.

The following pictures all come from the edition released on Thursday, November 17th 1955:

Front Cover - November 17th, 1955

Firstly, notice the white, fluffy cat; the ruby red lips; diamante earrings and coiffed hair… that’s my Christmas look sorted. Maybe not the cat. Secondly, notice that there’s a serial story ‘The Sleepless Moon‘ by H.E. Bates : What popular women’s magazine nowadays would feature a story by a writer, any writer? I think this is something that should be brought back.

My Christmas look will continue with variations on this delightful attire:

Actually an advert for boots...

Forget the boots, I’ll take the little pixie hat… What about this one:

Matching knitted jumper and hat?

I did get a little distracted when looking for Winter related items… it’s difficult not to when there are pearls of wisdom (such as this one) on the letters page:

Date and Place

In an old book, printed in 1840, I found some good advice: When making an appointment with the man friend, never arrange a spot where he can see you a hundred yards off. You have to make out you have not seen him, otherwise both of you advance with inane grins – too far away to speak and not near enough to smile naturally. Also, any defects in your figure he will be sure to spot now. You might be bow-legged but he need never know, until he sees you from a distance. Faces, too, are better looking close up.  M.J.L., Haywards Heath, Sussex”

What marvellous advice for those bow-legged ladies amongst us!

Anyway, to continue… Party dress anyone?

Gorgeous pink dress

This is the one look I could replicate; it’s a bit similar to a pink dress I wore to a Big Posh Do at work last year. If I need some accessories, there are plenty to choose from:

I want everything she’s wearing in that picture.  A pair of white, angora gloves are at the top of the wishlist!

This addition had three pages of Winter ‘beauty’; the best of which – and the one I’ve just tried – is the article on ‘Eye Exercises’:

“Beautiful eyes don’t necessarily make a beautiful face, but there’s no denying that healthy, sparkling eyes will give life and character to the plainest face… The best way to make your eyes twinkle more is exercise. Here is one the Hollywood stars are all practising.”

So, along with my eye exercises and angora gloves, I would also like to buy all of my Christmas cards and Christmas sellotape from the 1950s:

Christmas Sellotape

And for presents for me? Why, surely someone can travel back in time and obtain these for me:

I can dream, can’t I?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    I love your posting about vintage womans own magazines…
    I stumbled across your blog while doing a search for my fiancee.

    His grandfather was an illustrator for Womans Own in the late 1940’s and the 1950’s.

    He has virtually no information about him and none of his artwork.

    If you have any copies that contain illustrations by Frederick Neill and would be willing to part with them, or just the page….let me know!

    Also, where did you find them and were there anymore?

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi Angela,

      I bought the magazines from a car boot sale in the summer. There were some more to be bought, but the stall holder hadn’t brought them all with him. I’ll definitely have a look through the ones I’ve got and see if any are illustrated by your fiance’s grandfather. If I have any, I’ll let you know and we can discuss what to do about them.



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