Wishing You a (Vintage) Merry Christmas!


How I wish that it was December 1950! I’m attempting to recreate the Christmas feel of a time gone by with these gorgeous images from one of my Woman’s Own magazines.

I imagine there will be many chocolates eaten over this festive period: mostly by me! I won’t be smoking though; despite my inclusion of this picture:

It’s more the pine needle headwear that I’m coveting.

The pink dress at the top with the ‘tiny sparkling Peter Pan collar’ is incredibly similar to the one I wore to our work’s ‘Posh’ ball last year. Wish I’d had the Peter Pan collar at the time! I might have to start searching for one to wear with my dress. I love the idea of adding sequins to cardigans, and ribbons to dresses. However, I’m drawing the line at clipping earrings to shoes!

I’d quite like a snowflake Fair Isle jumper and a Jack Frost one too!

A classic Christmas tale to read by the fire (if we had one) completes the perfect, 1950s Christmas picture for me. How delightful.


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