A Humdrum Sunday…


I’ve spent the entire weekend working, pretty much. I need to get on with something now, but I’m feeling entirely unmotivated. Or demotivated. One or the other. This morning, I’ve done everything I can to avoid working: I even went for a run!

In honour of my humdrum Sunday, I thought I’d share pictures of what should be a drab collection: brown pottery. Yet, I think you’d agree, these are anything but boring:

Brown collection

These pots sit in the opposite corner to the gaudy blue, red and orange ones. It’s Aidan’s collection really; he’s insisted on keeping most of these after various trips. The ‘books’ on the left are the exception to the collection – they were made by Charles Bound for our graduation from Durham (Aidan’s dad is friends with him). As far as I know, they were the first ‘books’ he ever made.

Charles Bound Books

Also in this picture are a couple of Carstens pots, a couple of Krosselbachs, and what I think are some Jopeko pots; judging by the metallic brown glaze.

A few Belgian vases but I can’t remember the exact name of the factory – it’s Hess or Vess, something like that. A few Ruschas, more Jopeko, another Krosselbach and the big Dumler and Breiden vase that I think looks like a giant seed pod, bursting open.

The large, Roman looking one on the right is a Jopeko 7111/40. I’m not a massive fan, I’ll be honest, but Aidan loves it so it stays.

So, Humdrum Sunday. I don’t think I can put it off any longer… oh wait, it’s past twelve. That means it’s lunchtime…

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  1. Stuart says:

    I love the brown corner Emma. The Jopeko iron oxide glaze is massively underrated in my opinion, and they made some fantastic items. And you can use them as back scratchers! I have a number of huge pieces, usually with attached cast iron chains, including a jardiniere on a pedestal! Oh, btw, the small vases are Dutch and made by Vest Keramiek. And the Roman style decor can be found on a number of forms with and without handles. Well I hope in the end, you found the inspiration to work. If not, I’m sure it will do another day.


  2. littleowlski says:

    They are lovely aren’t they? Thanks for the info re: the Dutch vases! Aidan told me yesterday they were by Vest, but I haven’t changed them. I always think the Jopeko would look good hidden in the garden; the slightly metallic scratchiness next to leafy, green plants. I might try that one day! Emma

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