Present Parade: Scheurich 414

Present Parade

A couple of weeks ago, I bought another massive stack of vintage magazines from the same man I bought them from last summer. When we got gome, I excitedly grabbed a magazine off the top of the pile and flicked through. Imagine my amazement when the page above appeared! Proof that in 1967, West German pottery was popular and being promoted as the perfect Christmas present. We both think the lamp next to it is probably West German as well.

The ‘ducky’ hooks on the right remind me of something as well, but I can’t put my finger on it. I think there’s a hairdryer or something like that from the ’70s which has a similar duck creature? I might be wrong though.

Front Cover

The reason I grabbed this one to look through: it had ‘Free Rolf Harris Song Book’ written on the front!

Well, a misty Saturday of work is ahead of me. I think the mist is representing my feelings about working on a Saturday!

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