Space Age Pottery for a Soggy Saturday


I’m probably completely out with my dates and perception of when these pots were produced, but… they look so space age to me:

Fohr 432-30

This one cost the grand sum of 12 Euros on, I think, the last trip to Germany. I think it could be an engine, or maybe a transistor of my pottery rocket?

Carstens 1525-28

Spage Age Blaster? Perhaps… whatever: just look at that glaze:

This last one I think we bought from Stuart at Bygone Times. It’s a beauty!

Scheurich 523-18

Exhaust for the rocket, perhaps?

We’re supposed to be doing a Charity Shop Hunt today… I put it in capitals as it’s an important part of our weekend venturing; yet, we’ve not done one for a while. Unfortunately, there appears to be a rather large and foreboding precipitation event occuring in the North West region.

It’s raining. I don’t really like the rain.

We’ll still venture out but I’m not sure if Ashton’s undiscovered retro parts will photograph particularly well from underneath an umbrella and a Sprayway jacket.

Fingers crossed that we find something good. Maybe we’ll be able to equip the rest of the Space Age Pottery Rocket out?


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