West German Pottery for Sale!

Scheurich 529 - 25

Scheurich 529-25 for sale here…

We’ve booked our next Germany trip! Hurray! Aidan is nearly finished with selling the pots from the last trip on Ebay! Hurray! It’s our Eight Year Anniversary today! Hurray! Lots of things to be happy about.

Buy it here… I don’t normally do any advertising, but I’m that excited about seeing how this last batch does! Then we can look forward to buying the next selection of pottery!

Buy it here…

Scheurich 520 - 32

Buy it here…

They’re probably my favourites of the ones he’s currently got listed. I am a bit partial to a 1950s pot. There are some other good ones though, so it’s worth having a look. I’m saying we’re near the end of the selling; that’s not true at all… I’ve just noticed this:

The Ebay shelves!

Two weeks tomorrow: it’ll be Aidan’s birthday, last day of the half term and the evening travel down to the ferry and Germany!

I’m literally counting the days…


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