Six Days and Counting…

This time next week, we will probably be just pulling into the first of our Formule1 Hotels. Each time we’ve been to Germany, we’ve stayed in a Formule1 Hotel: they’re cheap, cheerful and have the best (and most powerful) modular showers I’ve ever seen.

I’m still being lazy and stealing Aidan’s Ebay pictures of pottery and bits and bobs. The batch he’s photographed today won’t be uploaded until we come back from Germany as he wants to be able to answer any queries; we’re virtually incommunicado once we’re abroad.

Anyway, some little gems amongst them (in my opinion):

Vintage Metamec Clock

We’ve got a couple of these around the house already. I can’t quite remember where this one came from. However, it’s been knocking around for a while – we tested it today, it works, so it’s being sold.

Retro Letter Rack

We did use this for a while, but we’re (by this I mean Aidan) are making some effort to declutter before the next Deutschland trip.

Retro Ashtrays

Neither of use smoke and we can’t think of anything else to do with these!

And there’s the usual:

Scheurich 496-18

Really odd one this – it looks Bay-like in design, yet underneath is hand-incised with Germany and ‘K. Rains’ it looks like.

Scheurich 203-26
San Marino Vase

Love the fish on this:

It’s a San Marino Italian vase. Underneath reads ‘Giulinella Ceramiche’. The company still exists but it appears that now they just sell kitchen and bathroom tiles. As much as I like this one, we really don’t have room for yet another collection!

Bay 80-25

I have memories of buying this one as just before it, I’d spent about five euros on a ton of gorgeous bread and cakes that had been reduced at one of the bakery stalls… That’s the other amazing thing about Germany – all of the delicious bread and cakes! Anyway, I’d slipped off to buy this pot whilst Aidan tried to repack the car. I have a feeling it might have been the last pot we bought on one of the trips. The pot itself was 1 Euro, and the bread and cakes were scoffed all the way home back to Britain.

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