Jon Whitcomb: Couples in Love

Not only are my vintage Woman’s Own magazines gorgeous to look at, many of the short stories are illustrated by various well known people. I’ve been surprised by each name that I’ve looked up so far; the sheer amount of work these men produced is staggering!

According to Jon Whitcomb gained particular popularity for capturing the essence of couples on love. Perfect then, for a pre-Valentine post.

He was also good at capturing cars, planes and other objects; meaning he produced quite a few posters and advertisements as well as his illustrations for stories.

If you’re interested in these types of illustrations, there’s a really interesting blog here written by Paul Giambarba.

I actually can’t find the magazine I had out originally with a Jon Whitcomb illustration! I’ve got many grand intentions to catalogue them somehow, or at least take some colour photocopies of the best pictures to frame up.

These last few pictures aren’t of couples, but I thought they were too good not to share.

Is that Marilyn Monroe, perhaps?

Possibly my favourite one.

There are hundreds and hundreds of his pictures all over the internet. These are just a few of my favourites of the ones I found. There’s also a lot of information to be found on Whitcomb:

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  1. M. says:

    I love these so much!! What a great collection you’ve curated here. Perhaps I don’t hate Valentine’s Day quite so much, after looking at these. The Red Lip is key! Wonderful finds!


  2. leif says:

    Jon Whitcomb: Darling of the Ad Biz:

    Jon Whitcomb: Valley of the Dolls:

    Jon Whitcomb: Goes to War:

    Jon Whitcomb: Boy Toys:

    Jon Whitcomb: Christmas Cards from his Peers:

    Jon Whitcomb: Step-by-Step:

    1. littleowlski says:

      Thanks for the fantastic links Leif, read the first one so far. Really interesting and some gorgeous pictures. Emma

  3. leif says:

    Glad you’re enjoying them, Emma :^)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog envisioning the american dream . I have another blog with a post on Jon Whitcomb you might enjoy too
    have enjoyed looking at your blog too!

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