Lucia Lerner Illustration

I was reading about Lucia Lerner on Leif Peng’s fantastic Today’s Inspiration blog; a few days later I found this:

The Girl Who Couldn't Hit Back

The illustration isn’t signed by Lucia, but she is credited below the main story:

Another good blog about illustration is the Female Illustrators of the Mid 20th Century. They’ve also got a lovely post about Lucia Lerner.

My picture came from one of my Woman’s Own magazines. Off the top of my head, I think it was from 1956 but I’d have to double check. I’ll keep my eyes open for any more. This picture looks very much in keeping with the other pictures that feature in Woman’s Own from the era, but if you look on Today’s Inspiration and Female Illustrators, you’ll see that she drew some quite unusual and stunning pictures.

On a slightly related note – I’m not sure many stories written nowadays would have the title ‘The Girl Who Couldn’t Hit Back’! I’ve not read it yet, but I’ll report back on what it’s about once I do. I imagine it’ll be something about a weak, silly girl who finally realises her place in the man of her dream’s life; falls in love with someone she didn’t expect or gives up a fantasy lover for the staid, nice boy next door. That’s the usual pattern. She’ll be called Janet, Jessica, Jennifer or Julie and will either be a secretary or a nurse. She’ll have red or blonde hair and delicate, pixie-like features with a snub nose.

Can you tell I’ve read quite a few of these stories?

I emailed Leif Peng from Today’s Inspiration with this Lucia picture and he recommended that I read some of the guest posts on his blog by David Roach. I did and discovered that he helped to edit an amazing looking book:

So, I’ve bought a copy with a gift card from my sister, Kirsty. She gave it to me for Christmas but I’ve been waiting for something a bit exciting to spend it on. So thanks, Cookie, I can’t wait to get my book!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. David A Roach says:

    It is always bizarre when looking around the internet to come across my name! I hope you enjoyed the book ( which I didn’t edit, but I did write the text for) and well done for tracking down some great artwork- none of which I have myself.
    Bye – David

    1. littleowlski says:

      Hi David,
      It must be a very strange feeling, and one I hope to feel someday! I suppose I’d better hurry up and find my niche! All of the pictures have come from my massive stack of Woman’s Own and Woman magazines. The earliest one I’ve got is from 1947. I also have some Marie France ones that I’ve barely touched yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner, so I’m limited to using a camera to take the picture. However, if there are any that you would like original files for, let me know. I’d be glad to share them! Emma

  2. Honey Suss says:

    Are you Lucia D Kornberg Lerner?

    1. littleowlski says:

      Unfortunately not! First time I’ve ever been asked though – once got asked if I was Sarah Michelle Gellar… clearly not her either! Emma 🙂

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